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Essential golf goodies for beginner

Embarking on your golf journey? As passionate golfers, we understand the essential tools you need once you catch the golfing bug. Discover the perfect starter essentials to elevate your game. Explore the links below to find top-notch gear that will make your golf experience even more enjoyable. Click the descriptions to take you to the platform they are sold on.

1. Golf Bag


whether you decide to carry your new bag or add it to a trolley, you are going to need a bag large enough to hold all your new golfing bits and pieces. This version here is a great example, it's popular and cheap enough to fit most budgets and will not let you down. TaylorMade is also a worldwide brand that carries with it a brand of stability and quality.

2. Golf Balls


In the beginning, it is a mistake to purchase new golf balls as you will likely loose all of them. Your first year on the course, you will go through quite a few, but this is normal and why we know that buying new balls is a fools errand. However, you do want to start with a good ball and using second hand is a great way to develop using the right type of ball to start with but at a fraction of the cost.. This is our choice, but Titleist, Srixon, Taylormade, Noodle or Bridgestone balls are also a good choice.

3. Golf Push trolley


Golf Trollies. Are they essential. There are many golfers who love to carry their bags, but in our experience, those that do; in the beginning, can get tired mid-way through the round and then their game can suffer more. This trolley, is stable, an excellent choice and good enough for you in the beginning stages.

4. Golf Shoes

5. A Pitch mark repair tool

6. Golf Ball green marker


I appreciate that this is a mans' shoe, but golf shoes are absolutely necessary for stability, grip, comfort and in many courses, a dress code requirement.

You can spend well over three-hundred pounds on a pair of golf shoes, but in the beginning, a standard, waterproof shoe will do. The Sketchers range of shoes are incredibly good as a beginner shoe and even many seasoned golfers wear them all the time. It's in the middle range, but they are super comfortable. You wont go wrong with this shoe.

7. Golf Tees - Large 83mm


New to golf or a regular player, you all play with a pitch repair tool. It is a rule in golf that when your ball lands on the green, you must repair the mark made. Etiquette dictates that this is carried out every time and golfers are offended if you do not repair your mark. This version has the added advantage of coming with a small round ball marker too which is necessary for placing behind your ball on the green to adjust it.


The golf ball marker. There are thousands to choose from, and it is this is one of those items that is personal to you. You can even use a coin, or whatever to mark behind your ball, but it must be flat.

Again, this is essential and you should not turn up on the course without one.

8. Golf assorted tees

9. Golf Polo shirt


There is no doubt that if you want to hit your driver as far as you can off the first tee, you are going to need tees. There are a myriad of versions out there, from sext types, plastic, bamboo and wooden. Whichever your preference, you are going to need some tall ones for your driver.

These are a great choice and perfect for the job. Adjacent, we have offered the smaller option for your other clubs in your bag.

Perfect for every club in your bag. These are the go-to sizes for most golfers, and will certainly cater for every club in your bag. Personally, most of us opt for the wooden ones but there are many others who we play with that swear by these as you are guaranteed to place the ball at the same height every time, which is a distinct advantage over most wooden tees.

On almost all golf courses across the world there is a dress code and most of these insist that part of this code is to wear a polo shirt or some description. If you are fussy, or fashion conscious, then a well-known branded polo might be for you, but at the opening stages of your golfing journey, an ok brand will easily suffice and not break the bank. Our opted version is great, wears well and we really like the brand image.

10. Golf Clubs - 4-SW

Starter Irons

Callaway Paradym X


Ping G430 irons

Srixon ZX4 Mk II 


Which Irons

Your golf clubs are obviously one of the most important purchase you will make and certainly the most expensive outlay, but the great thing is, your starter set can be completed in one of three ways:

1. Off the shelf brand new forgiving starter set with a standard height, no adjustments to lie angles, grip, shaft type or shaft length. Cost between £500 to £1100. Any golf shop will try to sell you the range that they are either making the most margin on, or have excess of or on occasion will ask you the right questions, maybe offer a free fitting and then sell you a correct set for you.

2. A brand new starter set, custom fitted to your height and current swing requirements. It is here you can have each element of the club adjusted, such as grip change, shaft length, etc. There are both advantages and drawbacks from doing this and both are important to note. The advantage is that by having clubs made for you, your swing will start out better, as you will not need to stand too close or too far to swing correctly. You will also start as you mean to go on and as your swing and game improves, the fitted clubs will add huge benefits over standard length, standard clubs. The disadvantage is the fact that your swing is going to improve and so to your set-up and speed at which you attack the golf ball. These factors alone could render your brand new £700-£1300 set of clubs almost useless in only two-years; less if you are dedicated.

3. A used set - This is the direction we would go and we are saying this due to experience and first-hand knowledge of spending thousands of pounds on first clubs to soon out grow them or the clubs being wrong for your style of game. Ultimately we learned quickly that the brand new area was wrong. Now this is where it gets interesting:

If you are the sort of player who wants to improve and get better, then spend your money on the best wedges you can afford and a putter that's like the Harry Potter Wand; a perfect fit ... and you will know when you hit a few balls with it. These two clubs are the main stays of your bag and will be used more than any other clubs, so by becoming proficient with the chipping, pitching and putting, you can afford to spend less on the irons because they are only getting you near the hole from the fairway and occasionally the tee. 

However, you also want to buy the best you can afford without breaking the bank. Golf Bidder, we have found to be the best option as they normally have good quality used clubs. 

The best golf clubs for beginners or high-handicap players


In our opinion, this year the three to try to find second hand are:

  • Ping G430 irons - 4 iron to Sand Wedge (SW), but most will be, 4 - Pitching wedge (PW) 

  • Srixon ZX4 Mk II - 4 - PW

  • Callaway Paradym X - 4 - PW


These clubs, if you can find them second hand, will absolutely not disappoint, and they are also new enough to re-sell for a good price. So use them for a year, improve as much as you can and then upgrade for a fitted set suitable for your current handicap.

Beginne Hybrids

11. Golf Clubs - Hybrids

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood-1.jpg
PING-G430 LST Fairway Wood.jpg
TaylorMade Stealth 2 fairway wood.jpg

Do you really need Hybrids?

In our opinion and looking at our own journeys, the simple answer is, YES.

Hybrids are our USEFUL club. They can be used on the fairway, off the tee and from the rough.

Most club manufacturers have learned, ever since TaylorMade produced the first rescue clubs a decade or so ago, that selling 1,2 and 3 irons is not necessary, mainly because most golfers, regardless of handicap, found hitting them, very difficult. When buying a set of irons today, you are normally only offered from 4 or 5 iron upwards. Why? Simple. Hybrids are the new long irons. They are far easier to hit and extremely versatile. 

As a beginner or high-handicap golfer, these are the clubs we think you should pay a little attention to. 3, 4 and 5 hybrids are mostly sold and we think all, or two of these, say 3 and 5 hybrid will get you out of trouble most of all and you'll get the best use from them.

So, given the fact that you really should be using hybrids instead of long irons, given the myriad or options, which would be the right choice for you now, at the beginning of your golfing journey. You have two options here. Buy low end new or buy high end second hand. Now you could opt straight for a high end new, if you can afford it, but, always try opt for a bargain. Again, Golf Bidder is a great place to start. Also as of writing this, Golf Bidder has a 'NO RISK TRIAL POLICY', for used clubs only, which means you have seven days to try the club to see if you like it. There are conditions, but you can take them onto the range or a course and try them, which we think is a superb policy ... I remember buying a driver brand new, for almost £500, only to find after taking it onto the course that I just couldn't hit it.

So, which would we try?

There are many manufacturers to choose from, so your first point of call is to take information, like ours and of course others, then visit a good golf shop and ask to not only see them but to have a few hits on their driving range (so a shop with a quality driving range will be needed). Then swing a few to see how they feel. If you are comfortable with them, then maybe these are for you. However, and this is where the next very important question should be asked. Do I need to buy a hybrid that is adjustable? 100% yes. As you progress, and as your swing develops, you may find that you need to adjust the shaft position to suit your game right now. Additionally, you should buy a hybrid, where the entire shaft can be changed, for the same reason; as your swing gets better, it will likely get faster, meaning the flex in the shaft may become too 'whippy' for you and you need a stiffer shaft.


This is hard for us, but we believe, having used them all, that we have narrowed it down to five options: Not in order.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Fairway Wood - Need to be confident with this but will go a mile

Srixon ZX MK II Fairway Wood - Likes a fast swing speed

Ping G430 Max or LST Fairway wood - Really forgiving, not as far, but steady

Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood - beautiful club

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood - OMG Wilson are now producing incredible clubs, incredible! Best overall from us. This is now technically a hybrid, but as forgiving.

Again, If you can find these second hand and in good condition, buy them as you'll save probably over £100 in some cases.


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